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City of Saratoga Ground Movement Potential Map

Town of Los Altos Hills Geotechnical and Seismic Hazard Zones Map

Town of Portola Valley Geologic Map

Town of Portola Valley Ground Movement Potential Map

City of Cupertino Geologic and Seismic Hazard Zones Map

Geographic Information Systems

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GeoForensics, Inc.

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Americal Soil Testing, Inc.

Steven Ray Hartsell, R.E.H.S., Septic System Design

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Access Soil Drilling

Cenozoic Exploration

Tri-Valley Drilling


Escaping A Killer Landslide Documentary

Earthquakes: Where The Fault Lies – San Andreas Fault & Hayward Fault

Riding The Storm

Debris Flow Landslide

Sea Cliff Erosion

More Sea Cliff Erosion


Guidelines For Evaluating And Mitigating Seismic Hazards In California

Guidelines For Evaluating Surface Fault Rupture In California

The Use Of Large-Diameter Boreholes And Downhole Logging Methods In Landslide Investigations

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